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Incorporating a Corporation in Arizona

If you want to incorporate a corporation, Company Express will research the availability of chosen company name, prepare for you and file with the Secretary of State office all required corporate paperwork and obtain certified copy of filed documents, if it will be requested by the client.  We also will appoint registered agent for your corporation, as required by the state law, and will help with many of your follow-up corporate needs such as amendment filings, written consents, and annual report preparation and filing. You can find below some of the State incorporation requirements:

Corporate Name Requirements

Names of Arizona corporations can't be confused with any existing entity in the State as well as forced fictitious names and registered trade. Company Express will research your company name to make sure it meets Arizona's standards.

Permitted Designations: Arizona's corporate names must contain one of the following words at the end of the name:
  • Association
  • Bank
  • Co.
  • Company
  • Corp.
  • Corporation
  • Inc.
  • Incorporated
  • Limited
  • Ltd.
Restricted Designations: The use of the following words in corporation's name will require approval by the state:
  • Bank
  • Credit Union
  • Deposit
  • Trust
  • Trust Company

Filing Requirements

Please note, that we, at Company Express, will handle all required incorporation filing for you. The following information is presented for your information only.

Required documents: Articles of Incorporation as well as a Certificate of Disclosure.

Turnaround time: About  7-10 business days.

Follow-up filings: Not required.

Officers/Directors Information

Minimum number: At least one director is required.

Director qualifications: No provisions

Appearance in articles: At least one director's name and address must appear in the Articles of Incorporation.

Principal Office Location / Registered Agent

"Place of business address" must be in Arizona, but it can be address of registered agent which is also required.

Annual Reports

Time to file: Corporations must file a Corporation Annual Report and Certificate of Disclosure with the Arizona Corporation Commission on or before the anniversary of the date of incorporation.

Signatures: Only company officers are authorized to sign annual reports. Emailed or faxed signatures are accepted.

Filing extensions: Permitted. Extensions may not exceed six months.

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