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How to become a Swiss resident?
Switzerland is one of the most attractive countries in the world, with high quality of life, stabile political and economic situation, excellent environment and privileged taxation.
Our Swiss based consultants can assist private clients, foreign investors and business people with obtaining Swiss residency, establishing operational structures in Switzerland, including legal and corporate consulting, tax consulting, back office support and related services. We also can assist with tax ruling negotiations for obtaining Privileged taxation for foreign investors and domicile (main activity outside Switzerland) companies, as well as and for foreign private individuals, who do not actively work in Switzerland, but may manage his international investments and has business activity outside Switzerland.
It is much easier for citizens of European Union to obtain the Residence Permit in Switzerland. Non – EU citizens may obtain a residence Permit in the following 3 cases:
1.  As retire with close relationship to Switzerland or as financially independent person, paying the agreed amount of annual tax based on individual tax ruling with the Swiss Tax authorities.
2.  As person, employed by Swiss Company, if Swiss employer can prove that no suitable candidate can be found in Switzerland and EU labor markets.
3.  If foreign person establishes a Swiss Company and will be employed by his company in a senior position of CEO and will create jobs for Swiss residents.

Our consultants will help with:
  • Preparation application for each individual case and negotiating individual Swiss Tax ruling for EU and non – EU citizens.
  • Obtaining work Permits B for key employees of Swiss companies, foreign investors in Switzerland, foreign business clients.
  • Establishing working Swiss Companies and structures, including Tax and structure planning.
  • Preparing applications and obtaining of annual renewals of Residence and work Permits B.
  • Annual accounting, and will provide secretarial and administration assistance.
  • Obtaining private and corporate tax consulting and planning, individual Tax ruling with Swiss Tax authorities, negotiating most favorable lump sum tax arrangement, so called flat tax, for the client.
  • Obtaining a written flat tax approval from the Cantonal Tax authority for each client.
  • Searching for suitable property (residence or business investment: office building, ect.) in Switzerland
  • Negotiating, purchase and sale of Swiss properties (private and business)
  • Related business services for the client
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